MiniMi What is MiniMi? MiniMi is a non-invasive body wrap treatment designed to offer you a more sculptured body with lasting results. MiniMi targets those difficult areas of the body such as abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. What is the MiniMi procedure?
Eye Care Here at Déise Beauty, in Waterford City we offer multiple different eye care services. Eyebrow Tint & Shape in Waterford Eyebrows shape the face, and are a very popular simple procedure to help define and shape around the eye area.
Permanent Makeup Permanent makeup is a type of tattoo style that makes you appear as if you’re always wearing makeup. It is also known as micropigmentation or permanent cosmetics. We would recommend before a permanent makeup procedure to research different permanent makeup
Permanent Lips Today we are going to talk about permanent lip makeup. There is two permanent lip procedures. The first being a full lip colour, which is best described as a permanent lipstick. The second is a simple lip liner procedure, which
Permanent Eyeliner Permanent Eyeliner is one of the most time saving services anyone can avail of! If you find yourself spending what feels like hours standing in front of the mirror, trying to match your eyeliner on both eyes, then permanent eyeliner
Permanent Eyebrows Eyebrows are known to be very important, which is why we are writing this article today. Eyebrows shape the face, and most struggle to keep them ‘picture perfect’. Permanent Makeup wipes that issue away. With permanent makeup you will never
Eyelash Extensions One of the most popular crazes in recent years has been Eyelash Extensions. Here at Déise Beauty we offer two different styles of Eyelash Extensions; Individual and 3D Lashes. Individual Eyelashes are a singular, thicker eyelash added per strand. Customers