Hi All, it’s been so busy this week getting ready for the big move to Lisduggan Shopping centre next week and changing the name of the business and all that.. The reason we changed the name was we offer so much more than just nails. Semi Permanent Make Up, 3D / Microblading brows,Lashes etc. so we felt that Happy Nails Waterford didn’t represent us accurately enough. Why Déise Beauty? Very simple.. when I first drove overthe bridge here in Waterford I totally fell in love with this City and quickly fell in love with it’s charm and most of all it’s people. I stumbled across the old name for Waterford (THE DÉISE) and that name I loved straight away. Waterford is my home now and after all the years I’ve been hereI STILL LOVE IT. So here’s looking forward to meeting you all in my new location in Anna Maries Hair and Beauty from next Tuesday and a realsincere thank you to you all for your continued custom.Eye Embroidery you are forever drawing on your eyebrows or you want to save makeupprep time, you also want to look great 24 hours a day, then 3D cosmetic eyebrow embroidery is your answer.

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