Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner is one of the most time saving services anyone can avail of!

If you find yourself spending what feels like hours standing in front of the mirror, trying to match your eyeliner on both eyes, then permanent eyeliner is perfect for you!

Eyeliner can be put on both the upper and lower lids. The most popular being lower liner, however upper liner is just as popular, especially with those leading busy lives! Having both upper and lower permanent eyeliner is basically a life saver as well as a time saver!

For the lower line, the majority of permanent makeup customers would get a simple thin black line. However, for the upper lid, there is much variety to choose from! We recommend researching eyeliner styles prior to an appointment. On the upper lid, the most popular style would be a ‘latino’ style. However, many clients also prefer a simple line on the upper lid. Everyone is different, be sure to look out for the style that feels like ‘you’ for your appointment!

Below I will post an example of work done here in the salon.

A simple Lower Lgminer

Upper and Lower Liner

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Permanent Eyeliner

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