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If you’re hoping to learn more about permanent makeup or in fact never heard of it before, hopefully this little article helps you to educate yourself on the procedure.
Permanent makeup or also called Semi Permanent makeup is basically a tattoo done to emphasize your natural features or correct certain flaws.
Here in Deise Beauty we do eyebrows, eyeliner and lip colour permanent makeup.

Permanent eyebrows would suit anyone who would love to – create an arch in their brows, intensify the look of their natural brows, thicken thin fine eyebrows, or even have brand new eyebrows due to hair loss.
There are a few techniques used to create the perfect look for you, and then can be discussed with your technician on the day of your appointment.
Techniques include – microblading, powder technique or a combo
On the appointment, before the tattooing starts, the shape is drawn on and you discuss how exactly you want the shape to be.
With the blade, the technician creates slices in the skin and the pigment goes on top and is rubbed in.
Anaesthetic is used but some people don’t even require it!
The full procedure usually lasts 1.5 to 2 hours
A top up after a month is required to get the desired look, especially for the micro blading technique.

Permanent MakeUp


Permanent eyeliner is great for those who are very active/ constantly in water or want to darken the lashline without applying eyeliner every single morning.
Eyeliner can be done on the top and the bottom and it lasts the longest out of all permanent makeup procedures.

The cat eye look can be done at the customers discretion, but with age you can expect the line to droop.

This procedure also lasts about 1.5 hours and a top up is recommended.


This procedure is ideal for those wanting to add a bit of tint to their lips or change the colour of their lips. Also helps those who have lost shape of their lip line over the years.
The lips are quite sensitive so out of all 3 procedures this could hurt the most, but nothing unbearable as anaesthetic is still used.

The most worrying part about the lips is the initial colour as it is much darker than what it truly is. As the scabs disappear the colour also almost fades but give it some time as then the true colour builds up.

This procedure also takes about 2 hours, and you can discuss the type of colour you would like before the procedure.


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