Permanent Lips

Today we are going to talk about permanent lip makeup.

There is two permanent lip procedures. The first being a full lip colour, which is best described as a permanent lipstick. The second is a simple lip liner procedure, which outlines the natural lip line.

Permanent Lips define the lips, and does not to create volume or puffiness. If the result you seek is voluminous outcome, lip fillers are the procedure you are after.

Permanent lips procedures are performed to give the appearance of a fuller lip. Permanent lips can be slightly over-lined to create the ‘fuller look’. However, treatments can be adapted depending on the outcome each customer desires.

Customers often book lip liner or full lip permanent makeup treatments to fix minor imbalances or symmetry issues.

The pigment can be applied all over your natural lips. As a result, this achieves a stronger colour and more definition.

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Permanent Lips

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